WHAT court documents DO you need?

Your pardon application must include copies of all of the following documents for every criminal case:

  1. Sentencing Order(s)
  2. Charging Documents
  3. Criminal Complaint
  4. Affidavit of Probable Cause
  5. Documentation of Court Financial Obligations
If you fail to include any of the required paperwork, your pardon application will be rejected!


At Second Chance Consulting, LLC, we know where to find just about everything. We know who has it, where it is, and how to get it. Our years of experience with the Pennsylvania criminal court system allows us to pinpoint the direction of our record searches right from our very first discussion with you. And while we can’t explain to you why so many records are still on microfilm, we can help you locate, request, and obtain exactly what you need.


Why risk messing up the paperwork?

When it comes to clearing your name, why would you risk the rejection of your pardon application when we stand ready to assist you with every step of your journey? Let Second Chance Consulting, LLC help you get it right the first time!!