We Can Help

Individual clients benefit as much from the knowledge we’ve gained through years of specialized experience as they do from our philosophy.

Who We Are

We’re firm believers in second chances. People can change for the better — and we’ve seen it firsthand. Our company has worked with countless individuals who have made mistakes in their past but were able to reclaim their future and live a normal life. The work of clearing your name with a pardon can be freeing and empowering — and it’s precisely why we do what we do.

What We Do

Before we help you move forward with your life, we’ll get to know you as an individual. In many cases, the things that you share with us you have never told anyone else, which is why we have the utmost respect for not only your privacy but your trust as well. We learn all about your life so that you can take it back — and your future with it.


The team at Second Chance Consulting are not lawyers. Instead, our years of experience on the administrative end of the criminal justice system enable us to cut through the red tape, quickly navigate layers of court offices, and efficiently sift through volumes of information to pick out only what is needed for your pardon.


We leverage our knowledge of the procedures for requesting and obtaining required court records with our passion for drafting narratives and compiling supporting documents that bring individual, customized context to the objective and generic official documents. Your life is more than the court’s version of the mistakes of your past, and we put every effort into telling the most important story — yours.