How WE Can Help Individuals


You’ve been convicted of a crime. You already know the long-lasting impact that a criminal record has on your life and your entire future. You also know that a pardon can give you a second chance to take back your life and regain control of your own future — but you know that you shouldn’t go it alone.

The process of preparing a pardon application is a daunting one. It involves stringent standards as required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Board of Pardons; intricate forms that need to be completed, red tape that needs to be surmounted, and a wide range of countless other potential complications standing in between you and a clear record.

We know what we’re doing

At Second Chance Consulting, it’s our job to help you navigate this bureaucratic landscape and the complex process of clearing your name — and it’s a job that we don’t take lightly. Applying for a pardon is anything but simple, but we’ll be by your side, step by step, to help you maximize your chances for success. 

To start, we’ll work with you to obtain the correct paperwork regarding your criminal history. We can also help you prepare complete, accurate, and precise answers to the pardon application. This includes sensitive details like the specific circumstances leading up to the crime or crimes, how your life has changed since you were convicted, and the reasons why you should be granted a pardon.

We do it right

The board will be looking for certain and specific signals that you deserve a pardon, like displaying a sense of responsibility for your previous misconduct, providing sufficient information to show how your criminal record has significantly impacted your life in a negative way, and demonstrating how you have changed your life for the better. Not only that, but requesting and sending the application must be done in a particular manner; a mistake or omission can negate the process, and your application could be sent back to you without the board even considering it. 

However, our experts provide you with the vital information, support, and zealous guidance to help give you the best opportunity for a favorable outcome. We have the experience, patience, and insight to ensure we fully articulate all the reasons you should be granted a pardon and be allowed to reclaim your life and your future.

We believe that every reason is a good reason

Second Chance Consulting views the pardon application process as so much more than a social justice initiative —  it’s a way to return your life to normal and move on from your past.  It’s a second chance to further your education or career, obtain a government contract for your business, volunteer at a school, church, or non-profit, coach a team, get the clearances you need to do your job, pass a background check to purchase a firearm, and so much more.

From the initial gathering of information for your pardon application to the pardon board’s final decision, we’ll be with you every single step of the way to the freedom you deserve. To get started on the process to take back your life, don’t wait another minute — contact us today!