Pardon Coaching


After you obtain copies of the court records that you are required to submit, you must complete the standard application packet to file with the Board of Pardons. The Pennsylvania Board of Pardons Application for Clemency is a very complex form. If you don’t follow the somewhat complicated directions about including supplemental pages where appropriate and filling in every answer, you risk rejection and the already lengthy 3 year pardon process could take you even longer!


Your application is the first thing that the Board of Pardons sees !


In addition to basic biographical information, the application form provides you with space for a number of written entries where you can explain the circumstances of your arrest(s), and a personal statement to make the case for your candidacy.


It doesn’t matter how you present in person if your application isn’t well-written!


One of the things we often hear is that it’s difficult for a pardon applicant to discuss their criminal past because they’ve put it behind them or they’re not good at talking about themselves (who is, really?). Your pardon application is NOT the place for modesty and so if you need help putting everything into words, let Second Chance Consulting, LLC assist you in presenting your best self for consideration. We believe in you!