The pardon process includes an interview with an agent from the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, who is assigned to investigate your pardon application and submit a report to the Board of Pardons. The agent’s investigative report to the Board of Pardons covers everything from your criminal and driver’s history to employment status and community involvement. Part of the agent’s investigative procedure includes an interview by telephone or in person with the pardon applicant. This is the very limited opportunity you will have to amend incomplete or insufficient answers on your written application or explain any changes in circumstances that may have occurred since your application was filed.


If you are someone who presents well at interviews and can speak easily about your personal information, you’ll likely be just fine going into this interview without much preparation. However, if you’re someone who gets anxious and panicky just at the thought of talking to a probation/parole officer, then perhaps a mock interview and some one-on-one coaching might put you a bit more at ease when it comes time to sit down for your interview. 


Second Chance Consulting, LLC can help you get comfortable with this step of your journey and feel confident in your candidacy!